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Zion Baptist Church
Zion Baptist Church, is located in Foxtown, Little Abaco, Bahamas.  Donations to this Church, in part, help the local elderly and mothers with dependent children in distress.  This is not a function of government in the Bahamas, where people help other people as we did in the U.S. back in the day.  As of the 2004 summer hurricanes, the main part of the Church was ruined beyond repair, including the old concrete walls, and funds contributed currently will also help to get this Church structurally back on its feet.  In the interim, services are being held in the wing that was built onto the old church toward the right side of the picture.  If you wish to make a donation you can make your check out to "Zion Baptist Church" and send it to:  Zion Baptist Church, Foxtown, Little Abaco, Bahamas.

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