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Pictures of our Cay 

The Bahamas would seem to be created from, the most stunning blue and green portion of, God's palette.

Aerial View of the Anchorage (below)

 Much of our coastline is beach. This is the southeast facing beach.

 View toward the North reveals the barrier reef about a mile away, with
light green appearing sandy bottom inside of it.

 The picture below shows Umbrella and Alan's Pensacola Cays in the background.

Another reef shot below with Little Abaco in the background.  

 Here is a close-up of part of the Elkhorn Coral Reef along with many scattered heads and other structure.

 The Dock

 Breakwall in March 2005, taken at low water, shows minor degradation from '04 Hurricanes.

 Part of the northwest facing beach.

Moraine Cay in our wake as we sadly depart.