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Hurricanes 2004
While we did suffer some beach erosion there was no significant tidal surge because of our island's small size, even though the storm hit at high tide.  We did however sustain limited superficial damage to our villa.
Hurricane Francis (cool track graphic) passed south of Moraine Cay while drifting slowly over the Bahamas causing a lot of flooding on Great Abaco and Grand Bahama Island.
Coordinates in photo:  25:54:32N x 77:10:29W
In an apparent effort to outdo Francis, Hurricane Jeanne is shown below (tracking graphic) just after visiting some building damage and moderate beach erosion on our Cay.  The beaches were more than fully recovered by early 2005.
Coordinates in photo:  27:01:45N x 78:17:47W

Link to more NOAA storm pictures

During Jeanne cement siding was blown off of our villa gable end,
and overhangs were blown away. (anchor)

Our beach was eroded but has already more than fully recovered and is larger than it has been since we first observed it, and a nice broad open beach is the result.  The beautiful job that the washed up seaweed does of entrapping and accumulating sand, is evident in the picture.