Welcome to Moraine Cay Abaco Bahamas
Little Abaco, Bahamas
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Welcome to Moraine Cay Villas LLC, located about 9 miles offshore and NNE of Foxtown, Little Abaco, Bahamas.  Moraine Cay is truly one of the Crown Jewels of the Abacos.  Situated just 130 nautical miles from Florida in the Northern Abacos, it is a remote, secluded, attractive, personal sized 30 acre tropical island resort paradise and one of the closest Abaco destinations to the U.S.  It is served by the government operated airport near Treasure Cay, Great Abaco.  Bahamas customs and immigration for inbound vessels, as well as a 5000 foot private airstrip, is located on Spanish Cay about 15 miles away.

To our friends and loyal customers, contrary to falsehood published to the Internet by an irresponsible blogger, we have in fact been booking reservations for the 2017 season and stand ready to continue to do so, just as we have for many years. It is a shame that Internet reliability can be so easily and carelessly compromised by a blogger who, even after being told that information he published is misleading and could damage Bahamians and Bahamas business, would seem to lack the human capacity that most of the rest of us possess to want to do everything in his power to immediately correct it.

For guests that are not arriving to Moraine Cay in their own vessels, rental boats are available at Ronald's Rentals in Foxtown, Abaco

Here is a link to marinas.com that has some very high quality interactive images of our Cay.
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Foxtown is about 40 statute miles WNW of Treasure Cay Airport and can be reached by cab.  Boats may be rented from Ronald's Rentals in Foxtown, Little Abaco, for access to our Cay, but should be arranged well in advance.

Check airline prices against each other as there can be a great difference. Check each trip as the low cost carriers can change their prices and service radically from one trip to the next.

Guests arriving in their own vessels will be delighted that Moraine Cay is one of the closest Abaco Island destinations from the U.S. mainland.  Located between Fish Cays and Umbrella Cay, just above Alan's Pensacola Cay, it is about 15 miles northwest of Spanish Cay and is north of Hawksbill Cay, which forms the harbor protection for the settlement of Foxtown.


Since Moraine Cay is located 9 miles offshore of Little Abaco, this puts your vessel 9 miles closer to the reefs, and excellent fishing begins immediately off our beach - even from our beach and shoreline.  With the expense of fuel in an 18 mile per day round trip from the mainland, just to get out to the area where you can begin fishing - let alone the time it takes to get out there - the savings in fuel can add up very quickly, particularly with Bahamian fuel prices.

Moraine Cay rises to elevations of 24' above mean sea level and has two extensive beaches that are back to back and face Southeast and Northwest.  This allows the island to be more favorably drenched by predominating southeasterly ocean breezes in the summer and always affords a calm beach exposure.

There are extensive reefs to the East and North of Moraine Cay, which can be accessed within just a few feet of the Northeast and Northwest shores.  Thousands of coral heads and reefs are protected by an extensive barrier reef located roughly a mile and a half offshore.  Moraine Cay Channel allows good access through this barrier reef to deeper ocean sport fishing.  To the South and West there is excellent deep water over the Little Bahama Bank.

For a satellite map of current Caribbean weather click here.  North Atlantic satellite map.  For forecast click here.


Around Moraine Cay, Lobster and Conch abound, as well as Grouper, snapper and Hog Fish.  Stone crabs are caught just to the southwest of the Cay.  Monster grouper are caught just offshore.  Because it's remote location is about 37 miles ESE of Walker's Cay and about 35 miles WNW of Treasure Cay there is less pressure on the offshore sport fishing resources.  Sport diving and snorkeling in the area are legendary.  

A word of caution here.  The Bahamas are very serious about their bag limits for various species and violations can lead to fines in the thousands of dollars, and forfeiture of equipment and/or vessels.  Check regulations so you don't run afoul. Ignorance will not excuse you.  


Moraine Cay's visitors over the years have enjoyed the natural beauty, wildlife, and quiet that this cay affords in stark contrast to some of the other cays in the Abacos.  Yacht guests are not welcome if they choose to infringe on other guests rights to a quiet anchorage by running personal watercraft, noisy generators, loud stereos or having loud parties.  Jet skis and similar watercraft are not welcome by either the wildlife on and around our cay, or our island guests.


The maritime style ocean climate of small cays is much less humid than Florida or the larger Bahamian islands and even summer evenings can become surprisingly chilly.  It is very similar to being offshore in a boat.  At Moraine fine mesh tent netting for window screening excludes ALL flying insects yet still allows a generous breeze as well as the chirping of little native birds, and the sound of waves gently lapping on the beaches, to flow through.  

Orientation of the Villa front and shoreline, is toward the southeast which takes best advantage of cool ocean summer breezes.  Ten foot walls with oversized and numerous wall openings were designed to make indoor activities feel more like sitting on a screened porch, than inside a house.  Vents in the apexes of the side units allow heat to escape even in breezeless conditions.  

Due to the alternative energy applications providing electricity, eliminating the need for a droning generator, our villa does not have air conditioning.  If you are concerned that the absence of air conditioning will negatively impact your stay, try our villa out, and if you find you are uncomfortable we can move you to Millie's Guest House located on the waterfront in Foxtown, which is air conditioned, and will gladly refund the difference in room rates.  

If relaxing in an informal, porch laden beach house, after sport fishing offshore or after catching, preparing and eating conch, lobster, reef fish and other delights gathered from the nearby waters appeals to you, you may well be shopping in the right place, since these resources have become so desperately diminished in other hard-fished areas of the Bahamas.  If you are looking for nightlife this is definitely not the place to come unless your definition of nightlife is stargazing, walking on a quiet beach by moonlight, or perhaps observing turtle nesting in season.  A trip into Foxtown, however, can net a delicious and very reasonably priced meal prepared by Judy Russell, one of the area's most highly acclaimed culinary artists.  A trip to Spanish Cay roughly 15 miles away can net a somewhat more expensive meal, in a slightly more formal atmosphere, if desired.

Local weather from Barometer Bob.


Our guests are encouraged to travel with at least one other family to help plan, and diversify, their self-inspired entertainment.  Bring along some CDs, DVDs and video cassettes if you desire that kind of entertainment as we do have the necessary equipment to play them.  There is no satellite TV or island phone.  Check with your cell-phone provider to see if your wireless will work in the Bahamas, and if necessary to request roaming.  AT&T wireless seems to be the U.S. company, that tourists use most widely in the Bahamas - be sure to check rates.  The nearest cell tower is in Foxtown about 9 miles away.  VHF radio communications can reach Foxtown Shell if guests have needs in regard to vessel fuels or groceries.  Ronald and Judy Russell of Foxtown Shell, along with running a gas station, grocery store, boat rental and motel also operate a restaurant/bar featuring delicious Bahamian cuisine prepared from local seafood delicacies.